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"... the landscape is our living natural and cultural heritage, be it ordinary or outstanding, urban or rural, on land or in water." European Landscape Convention. © Council of Europe.

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Spatial and urban planning documentation | Detailed urban plans | State studies of location | Local studies of locations | Urban designs | General urban plans | Spatial urban plans | Spatial plans of special purpose

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line > focal point or emphasis > form > texture > colour > balance > repetition > variety > grouping mass > scale and proportion > rhythm > sequence


Plavi Horizonti

The Plavi Horizonti Project, based upon the principles of an exclusive resort atmosphere, with reference to the natural setting of the Montenegrin landscape character, historic heritage and elements of an authentic Montenegrin village, is located ideally on the Lustica Peninsula, facing towards the magnificent Adriatic Sea... 



Portonovi is an inspiring waterfront Resort, positioned at the entrance to the breath-taking Boka Bay. This World Heritage location, where mountains rise dramatically from an emerald sea, is the perfect place from which to discover the riches of Montenegro...


Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro's setting not only offers pristine beauty but is also within easy reach of most major European capitals.
The marina's location within the UNESCO-protected Boka Bay has been home to sailors for hundreds of years...

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planning, design and works: chief architect; senior landscape architect; junior landscape architect; consultants: forestry experts, phytopathology, entomology; geodetic surveying team


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81000 Podgorica, Montenegro


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