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"... the landscape is our living natural and cultural heritage, be it ordinary or outstanding, urban or rural, on land or in water." European Landscape Convention. © Council of Europe.

about us


planning, design and works: chief architect; senior landscape architect ; junior landscape architect

consultants: forestry experts, phytopathology, entomology; geodetic surveying team


reg. no.: 5-0377754 | pin: 02660369 | vat: 30/31-06252-6 | account: 530-16085-64; nlb mne bank ad

our services

spatial and urban planning documentation

design documentation, landscaping and landscape architecture

trees valorization assessment

landscape plan and typology

maps of landscape types and their varieties

technical inspections of sites

technical control of designing documentation

supervision of works


line > focal point or emphasis > form > texture > colour > balance > repetition > variety > grouping mass > scale and proportion > rhythm > sequence

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fax: +382 (0)20 220 160

e-mail: planplus@live.com

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